What we have done so far

  • Mobile marketing system (architecture design, microservices, GFX design, Java API, mobile applications Android and iOS),
  • Sports activity tracker (architecture design, backend PHP, GFX design, API, mobile applications Android and iOS),
  • Fitness club management system (Java, C#),
  • mBOT Educational robots control application (Android),
  • Forms generator for mobile apps (Liferay portlet, Android),
  • Sales department information management system (Python, Angular),
  • Auction system (Python, Angular),
  • Drone control and mission planning mobile app (Android, DJI SDK),
  • PR Agency management system – mailing, CRM, presskit distributions (Python, Angular),
  • Embedded apps for digital scales (Raspberry PI),
  • Embedded apps for smart surveillance cameras,
  • Drone control systems via cellular network using smartphone as a remote controller and RPi as a controller,
  • Image analysis and hit detection system for a shooting yard.
  • Apiary’s monitoring system (IoT, web app and mobile apps).

References upon a request.