• image analysis and processing solutions,
  • neural networks and AI solutions,
  • embedded systems development for RPI, Arduino, AVR, ARM and STM,
  • IoT solutions,
  • Python, Java, C,
  • Webdesign – Angular 4, React, Express.js, Node.js, PHP (Symfony, Zend), HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, DHL & UPS API, Paypal, WordPress,
  • Mobile applications – iOS (ObjC, Swift, ReactNative) and Android (Java, Kotlin, ReactNative).

We have been working with on our project. Developers from have designed and implemented the API, microservices and mobile app for us. The communication, cooperation and business relation was close to perfection 🙂 The code is solid and optimized. I’d recommend as a reliable and trustworthy IT consulting and development partner .

Skillforce builds our contracted IT products using the most modern technical tools, which are employed efficiently, thanks to the team’s abilities. New product ideas and requirements are reviewed thoroughly. The IT products are delivered quickly – Skillforce then gladly works close to us during the signoff phase and is fast to perform any finishing touches when needed. Incoming change requests are addressed promptly with appropriate solutions. The Skillforce team goes above and beyond to keep tight deadlines. The communication with Skillforce is always open and productive, despite the different locations of our head offices.