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Drone mission planning app

Technology: Android Native and DJI SDK
Mailing support system for PR agencies (newsletters, press kit distribution, CRM)

Technologies: Python and Angular
Drone control system via mobile network

Technologies: Python and Kotlin
Application for digital scales

Technology: C++
Image analysis and hit detection system for sniper rifle range

Technology: Python
Mobile app for task management in cleaning company

Technology: Flutter
Watch dials for smart watches integrating tools to control cryptocurrency rates

Technology: Apple Watch, Tizen OS, Wear OS
Module for the analysis of the amount of impurities in ore lumps in a metal ore mine

Technologies: Python and LabView
System to automate quotations for the construction of greenhouses from prefabricated modules

Technology: PHP
Mobile app to control high-end audio amplifiers

Technology: Flutter
Hashimoto's disease patient support app modules

Technology: Flutter
Modules of the ski learning support app

Technology: Flutter
Quotation and sales support system

Technology: Python and Vue.js
Module for automated cropping of photographs and building 3D objects based on them

Technology: Python
Video clip playback system running on peer-2-peer architecture

Technology: PHP, Vue.js
A historical chatbot to explore the history of Silesia in the 20th century.

Technology: Python