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Traffic analysis

The Moovee measurement tool we developed even works on a cell phone - we can use it in any conditions in solutions for orthopedics, rehabilitation, sports and even for the gaming industry as a simple and fast motion capture tool. The recording of motion in the form of 3D data makes it possible to reproduce it in the form of animation, analyze the course of changes in the values of flexion angles in the joints, linear and angular velocities of individual elements of the "skeleton", study the interrelationships and positions between them and, with the support of any "comparison" mechanism (e.g., machine learning) - the correctness of execution of specific movement sequences.

Image analysis

At, we are engaged in image analysis and processing solutions. The systems we create are based on practical knowledge. We create our own optimized libraries, but we also use ready-made ones if their capabilities are sufficient for our needs. We optimize algorithms and code to achieve maximum performance on the target device. The image analysis engine we developed works in real time on images and video streams, as well as on image files. Our customers have run it not only on computers and servers, but also on Raspberry PI, NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Banana PI and Asus Tinker Board devices.

Machine vision

Machine vision - computer analysis of images and video clips to extract specific data from them. Used in medicine, sports, industry, e-commerce and many other industries for: handwriting recognition (e.g., license plates), detecting specific features of objects, quality control, searching for specific objects, detecting abnormal patterns, human motion analysis and face detection.


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications running on mobile devices and dedicated VR goggles.

Machine learning

Machine learning is the process of simulating the way the human brain works using a computer. This is made possible by neural networks, learning processes and data processing algorithms. AI makes it possible to analyze data, support decision-making, identify regularities and irregularities in processes, detect recurring patterns and make trend predictions based on them. It is used to analyze customer behavior, study preferences and draw conclusions based on data from multiple sources.

Web applications

We develop web applications - backend systems, CMS tools, solutions to support and manage the company's operations and others: websites based on the WordPress platform, APIs to communicate with mobile applications and other web applications, streaming platforms, backoffice systems, sales support systems.

Mobile applications

We use both native technologies and cross-platform alternatives.
We took part in the development of the largest mobile passenger information system in Austria today, created applications that communicate via OBD link with car computers, applications for sportsmen, beekeepers, drone pilots and many more. The 10 years of experience in building mobile applications acquired by the founders of is a guarantee that your application will be completed on time, on budget and as required.


Skillforce is not only about developing IT solutions, but also about consulting widely on them. We are able to conduct a business analysis, gather project assumptions, propose the most beneficial solution, implement it and deal with its maintenance and development. We can also support our clients in the development of grant applications, preparing descriptions of research agendas.